About Us

American Custodial, Inc. has one goal . . . offer only the best products and provide the best service to our customers everyday. A simple goal, yes, but we take it very seriously.

Large and small organizations throughout many market segments have come to rely on the consistent, quality-based products and timely on-site service American Custodial, Inc. provides. They include retail, industrial, healthcare, service, education and hospitality organizations. In addition to quality products and timely on-site service, we can tailor a preventative maintenance program that will keep your equipment in good health and ultimately reduce your repair costs. By us staying focused on that simple goal we will save you money.

Centrally located in Williamsville, New York, American Custodial, Inc. strives to respond to service requests within 24 hours, responds to customer enquiries within 24 hours and offers emergency service outside of our standard operating hours. (Special emergency rates applyOur service department has over 30 years of service experience in this industry and possesses a proven track record with our loyal customer base. No challenge is too great, not for American Custodial, Inc. Give us a call.

Our coverage area is located on the above map.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with nothing but the best!