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When you make a purchase from American Custodial, Inc. you have our guarantee that we offer our product line at competitive prices. We keep our pencil sharp when we respond to the opportunity to quote and know that solid, consistent pricing is important to our customers. From time to time we have the chance to offer specials to our customers. Check this page of our website periodically and contact us at (716) 634-0234 or send an e-mail to sales&service@americancustodialinc.com if you see something you are interested in. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean we don't have it. Give us a call or go to our Contact Us page and complete the simple enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you any time and providing your janitorial equipment sales or service needs.  
"Leasing is available for new and used equipment".

Used equipment for sale: (Completely refurbished with new batteries and all accessories). 
90 day warranty.       

(Automatic scrubbers)

Tennant 5700XP,32" disc.                                                   $4900.00 

Tennant 5700,36" disc.                                                       $4900.00

Tennant 5680,32" disc.                                                       $4900.00                           

Tennant 5400, 24" disc.                                                      $4200.00

Tennant 265XP, 26" disc                                                     $3200.00

Nobles Speed Scrub 2701, 28" disc.  (2)                             $3500.00 ea.
NSS 3329 Rider, 32" Disc.                                                   $6500.00


(Propane Buffers)

Eagle Talon 27DC,22HP Robin                                           $1100.00

Eagle Talon 27,17HP Kawasaki  (3)                                    $1100.00 ea.

Pioneer 400BU28, 18HP Kawasaki                                      $1800.00

Betco Optima 28, 18 HP Kawasaki (2)                                 $1500.00 ea.

Pioneer Speedstar 28, 17HP Kawasaki                               $2000.00


(Propane Strippers)

Eagle Tracker 3000 (with Robin 22hp engine)                     $4500.00

(Includes pad drivers and stripping brushes)


(Propane Diamond Grinders)

Eagle Polygrind 3000, 22HP (Chain Drive)                           $3000.00

Note: All metal bonds and resins (with mounting plates) are available for sale with this machine!

Total package price with everything is:                                $5000.00

(Battery Carpet Extractors)

Nobles Strive Extractor (Demo)                                             $4000.00 
(22 hours on machine....like new)

(Carpet Vacuums)

Tennant 3050 Back Pack Vacuum                                       $350.00
Tennant 3220 (2)                                                                 $300.00 ea.  
Nobles Ultraglide 15"                                                            $225.00


(Battery Burnishers)

Tennant 2550 (reconditioned)                                             $3500.00   


(Cord Electric Carpet Extractors)

 None Available at this time



Tennant 6080 battery, self propelled                                    $4200.00

Tennant 110 manual push (demo)                                        $580.00 (*)